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November 2017
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Rodney's in Space! After winning a raffle for a seat on the first mission to Mars, Rodney says his goodbyes and sets off to the final frontier. Will this be Rodney's chance to bungle solving the first crime on Mars?

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As Rodney stalls on his latest case, he recruits a sidekick from an unlikely place. Their first case as a disasterous duo puts their partnership to the test as they search for the hidden motives of a mad scientist.

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The Roast of Rodney Spitz, PI

Rodney is back in his first sequel! After heading out into the wilderness to rebuild Squint’s burned down cabin, Rodney quickly gets distracted by the thought of being the man of the hour at his very own roast! Who will show up to fete the dubious PI of the hour? Will Squint's cabin get rebuilt? Will anyone get Dean Martin drunk?

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Payback Max

Rodney is outta jail and on the hunt for the man who framed him for his landlord's murder. With Squint by his side, Rodney heads to the Thunderous dome in the centre of town to track down the Road Warrior!

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Lukewarm Luke

After being wrongly-convicted of killing his landlord, Rodney finds adjusting to prison life a lot different than he expected. Meanwhile, on the outside, the other PIs are scheming around the clock trying to come up with a plan to break good Ol’ Rodney out.

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The landlord has turned up dead and Rodney has been picked up for his MURDER! With a prosecutor looking to lock him away for life, old Rodney has only a nautical maintenance man turned lawyer and an unseemly list of character witnesses to clear his name.

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Rodney thought he’d hung up his guns and soiled trenchcoat until Reno tracks him down and asks Rodney to join his posse to defeat evil pickle baron Josiah Sweetwater and save his hometown. Rodney’s back and the mayhem is bigger than ever because this time: he’s unlicensed!* Hee Haw! It’s a Western!** 

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When a young Rodney befriends an alien he found in the back yard, he’ll have to learn a pretty grown-up lesson just in time for Halloween…

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Rodney heads deep into the Colorado mountains to take a much needed job as winter caretaker at the Overlooked Motel. But he soon finds out that phantoms can get pretty weird after a few bricks of peyote. Rodney’s spoof of The Shining takes him to a dark, axe-y place.

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When the C.I.A. comes knocking, Rodney and Bricker must protect a Russian defector at the Agency safe house for the weekend. But after the worst happens, they’re left trying to bring a dead man back to life. Long enough to kill him again.

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